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Our system consists of a majority of real followers (fans). The system is about exchanging followers, where you are followed and others follow you.


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Free Fans Tiktok

Followers on TikTok

Get followers on TikTok to increase your engagement

With followers on TikTok, you can reach more users and make your videos seen by new people. This is one of the best ways to make your audience more loyal and interested in sharing your videos. And the more people sharing your videos and interacting with your posts, the more the viral effect will occur, which is when thousands of people share your content and the more results you get. That way, it is possible to get several followers, likes and views.

How to Get Followers on TikTok

Learn how to get followers on TikTok totally free

Earning followers on TikTok is not as difficult as it seems. The most 'difficult' part is because it is a new social network for Brazilians and there are almost no people with huge profiles for partnerships. However, it is very easy to viralize your videos. Because the reach is 100%, it is not like Facebook and Instagram which gives you only 2% reach. Currently, the fastest-growing TikToks are those of Pranks or the ones with beautiful women (obviously). These with little content are already enough to rise in a surreal way. Any other type of profile on Tik is a little more difficult, but not so much. One of the easiest ways to get followers is through comments in famous publications, so it arouses the interest of other users in your profile and they start following, enjoying and sharing your content. The easiest way to get followers is through our system, Followers Tik, see below how it works.

Getting Followers with FollowersTik

System to earn followers on TikTok

The Followers Tik system was created in order to facilitate the gain of followers. And through it, it is possible to earn several services on the social network. Tik is a form of mutual help, in which users of the platform help each other. For example, you gain followers and in return, you follow the other users of the platform, get it? The system has been programmed to do all of this automatically and you can request your followers within the allotted time.

How many Followers, Likes, Comments or Views do I get?

Through Followers Tik you can earn 40 likes or followers per hour, meaning, in just "1 single day" you get up to 960 followers or likes. Thinking a little bigger, in a week you can earn up to 6,720. In a month you can earn up to 26,880 followers or likes.

How to use Followers Tik step by step

1) Access the website:
2) Enter your TikTok Login and Password
3) Once logged in, you will be redirected to the Service Panel
4) Now choose which of the services you want (Followers, Likes, Comments or Views)
All done. Now wait and be happy.
The service can be used every 30 minutes.

Followers on TikTok without any Apps

Get followers without downloading anything

TikServices becomes even more interesting because it is a tool that you can use from any cell phone or computer that you want. Because it does not need to download anything on the App Store or in Google Play, which would slow down your phone. Tik is just a website programmed to make life easier for Brazilians who want to be successful through videos on TikTok.

Likes on TikTok

Increase your likes on TikTok quickly

Now you can increase your likes even more on TikTok, the newest social video network. In TikTok, the number of likes is very interesting, because, in addition to the likes appearing individually in each post, they also appear at the beginning of the profile with the number of your likes added in all publications, different from Instagram and Facebook that shows individually in each publication. Likes are one of the main ways to show that your profile is well engaging and maintains a great number of likes in publications. One of the most important factors in the future for companies that are interested in advertising on profiles.

How to Get Likes on TikTok

Learn how to get likes on TikTok step by step

The way to get likes on TikTok is not very different from gaining followers as we taught above. The most time-consuming way is through the exchange of likes because just like in any other social network, other people will be interested in getting likes too. So you can make a like exchange. You can ask the person via chat or through a comment.

The other way you can use it is through the use of hashtags, because just like on Instagram, you can also use strategic hashtags (#) to get likes and even followers. Below are the hashtags that should be used to earn some likes. When publishing any video, use any of these hashtags: Likeforlike, Like4Like, L4L, Follow4Follow, FollowforFollow. Remembering that every hashtag must start with "#".

The easiest way to get likes is through Followers Tik, our system that provides free likes for you. Not only likes but also followers, comments and views for your profile. Tik is a free platform that allows you to gain likes, followers, views, and comments on your TikTok.

FollowersTik to get Likes: How to use?

Learn how to get likes on TikTok step by step

1) Access the website:
2) Enter your TikTok Login and Password
3) Once logged in, you will be redirected to the Service Panel
4) Now choose the Earn Likes option and click on the "Earn" button
The service can be used every 30 minutes.

Get Comments on TikTok

Increase your comments with Followers Tik

FollowersTik has become a reference in the field of free services for TikTok. And these services also include the opportunity for them to gain comments on TikTok quickly, easily and safely. Above we teach how to earn likes and followers, now we will teach you how to get comments. But first, we will explain the importance of this.

Comments on TikTok are as important as followers and likes, as it is through this triad that your profile engagement is determined. Well, think with me, if you have a profile with 300,000 views in a video, 40,000 likes in this same video and only 5 comments, this is a sign that something is wrong. So it is necessary to always be on top of this, otherwise, it will look pretty fake, and some future sponsors may even stop advertising their products with you. The good news is that with the Followers Tik tool you can control this triad well, as you can increase any of the services individually.

How to Earn TikTok Comments with FollowersTik

1) Access the website: 2) Enter your TikTok Login and Password
3) Once logged in, you will be redirected to the Service Panel
4) Now choose the option Earn Comments
5) In the fields that appeared, type the comment you want to receive and click "Send".
6) Now our system will select some profiles to send the comments.
The service can be used every 30 minutes.

Views on Tiktok

Increase views on your TikTok videos

Reach even more people with our free service to increase views on your videos. On the internet, there is a peculiarity that is known as the "Herd Effect". This effect happens because people want to do what most people are doing. Why am I saying this? The answer is simple. If you have a video that has thousands of views, soon people will be more interested in watching the video, arousing even more interest from this person to your profile. If he identifies himself with your profile, he becomes a potential user to share her videos and attract even more views. This is one of the best ways to add value in this social network.

How to Get Views on TikTok

Follow the step by step below and get views on your TikTok

1) Access the website:
2) Enter your TikTok Login and Password
3) Once logged in, you will be redirected to the Service Panel
4) Now choose the option Earn Views and click the "Earn" button.
The service can be used every 30 minutes.